The Bachelor show that airs on Monday on ABC aired an unfortunate incident where Rachael Kirkconnell fell on set while skydiving. Rachael was on a date with Matt James when the incident happened. Matt had attended other dates before Rachael’s date. She had set up a surprise adventure where they went skydiving.

The surprise was working out as planned until Rachael landed roughly. There has been conflicting opinion about the accident. Some people believe that it was part of the show’s script to make the show dramatic, whereas another section believes it was an accident. It is difficult to believe this was scripted all for clout risking Rachael’s life.

Viewers who saw Rachael landing believed that it was the instructor’s fault. The instructor at fault is Andrew, a twenty-year-old whose parents are members of the United States Parachute Association. Fans who were keen to observe Rachael’s landing noted that the wind had picked up before their landing. For safe landing, her legs should have been up and that was not the case here. Many viewers attacked the young instructor for causing Rachael’s injury.

Some people opine that Rachael should sue the skydiving company. However, she cannot sue the show because of her contractual obligations with the show.