Skydiving is a fun activity, but its important to remember that it puts one’s life on the line. It is, therefore, important to take into account every safety and precaution measure necessary to protect you. You will require every useful and right piece of equipment your hands can get on in order to enjoy the experience safely. Here are some pieces you need to invest in:

The Parachute

This is the most basic and must-have piece of equipment. It is very important to know all the parts of your parachute. When you jump off the plane, the parts involved include the backpack, the main canopy, and a reserve canopy and the strings which are labelled with coloured tabs.


A lot can go south if the canopy does not deploy as expected, and in such scenarios, prevention is way better than cure. Helmets protect from the majority of injuries caused by hard landings causing the jumper to lose their footing, particularly in uneven landing areas. There are two types of helmets; the soft hat helmets and the hard helmets.


There is no logical point in skydiving if you can’t see where you’re heading and what you’re doing. But no bare eyes can withstand the wind, flies and particulate matter at such a skydiving speed. Goggles come in handy and play a vital role. There is a variety of good goggles available at different costs.

Automatic Activation Device

The automatic activation device is used in place of an altimeter. It is a computerized chip that is fixed on your shoot. It pops out your shoot at a set altitude. If you are a first-time jumper, you might want to consider the altimeter for it wouldn’t hurt to know how much descent you have left.


Most skydivers choose to wear jumpsuits to protect their clothing and skin from dirt and damage besides looking fancier and pro-like. In addition, jumpsuits are way comfy than just a pair of jeans. You will be required to be reasonably stretchy with more room to move. There are different types modern of jumpsuits. You should engage a professional when picking a jumpsuit. They will advise you on features like size and the most suitable material.