Skydiving is a scary but exciting sport to practice. You will need a lot of skydiving training to become a pro skydiver. If you are wondering where to begin in sky diving, here are some of the places and resources you can use.

Watch Skydiving Documentaries

Watching skydiving documentaries will give you an idea of how skydiving is done. Some documentary creators explain and give illustrations of how skydiving should be done. This will shed some knowledge of skydiving before you go training. You will also learn how to protect yourself when skydiving.

Find A Coach

You need to find a professional skydiver with training experience. These coaches can be found on the internet or at their place of work. A great coach will help you earn your skydiving license and turn you into an incredible skydiver.

Practice in Wind Tunnels

Practising free falls in a wind tunnel will make you a better skydiver than when you practice in the sky. You will fly for 2 minutes in the skydiving simulator which is double the time you can fly in the sky. Skydive Paraclete XP is an example of a drop zone with a skydiving simulator at Paraclete XP SkyVenue.